How to Approach Your Partner About Period Sex

Lovemaking during your period can be one of the most intimate, primal, & bonding experiences to share with a partner.
(Checked out our article 3 Reasons to Enjoy Period Sex for some juicy inspiration! You may also like to share the article with your partner).
And if you haven't approached this with your partner before, it's common to feel nervous or just simply uncertain about how to invite them to share the experience with you. 
If that's the case for you, we've got you covered with these steps…

1. Be accountable for your own comfort level.

How comfortable are you with your own blood as it relates to engaging sensually & pleasurably with yourself?
You set the tone for the experience you invite your partner into, so if you are waiting for your partner to give you "permission" to erotically enjoy your bleed, then it's time to claim this first & foremost for yourself.
If you haven't already, first explore making love to yourself on your period through self-pleasure with your fingers, or else a glass/crystal pleasure wand (shop here).

2. Express your desire.

Your come-from matters. If you feel excited and turned on about proposing period intimacy, your partner will feel that in the frequency of your invitation.
"I have a desire to share in the experience of making love while on my period. It would make me feel ______ to share this with you. How do you feel about exploring this with me?"

3. Create space for vulnerability.

Reveal any fears or reservations you have about bringing this invitation to your partner, and invite them to share any impact they feel.
“I notice that I feel vulnerable in sharing this with you, because part of me feels scared that you may not be interested, or that you will feel _______. How is this to hear?"

4. Design the container.

Be intentional about creating a container that feels supportive of the experience so that you can both explore & enjoy freely.
(The article Period Sex: Why Your Womb Loves It + You Can Too shares specifics on this!)
And of course, this is why Free Bleed™ waterproof blankets were created!
So you can enjoy uninhibited intimacy even (and especially!) on your bleed, with ZERO worry about making a mess!