3 Reasons to Enjoy Period Sex

Intimacy on your period with yourself or a lover can be a deeply connective & enriching experience.
Here are 3 reasons why it's worth celebrating & prioritizing pleasure on your bleed…
1. Period Sex is Taboo
That which has been suppressed, feared, or rejected in the collective consciousness is often a doorway to immense personal liberation. 
Welcoming your period blood and celebrating it for what it adds to your intimacy can be a fast-track to releasing body shame or unprocessed emotions about your womanhood.
Plus, embracing taboo in the bedroom can add a lot of extra HEAT! 
2. It Evokes the Wild Woman (and the Wild Man!)
One of the most common shares we hear about period intimacy is how PRIMAL it feels for everyone involved.
It can be a doorway to evoking and celebrating your innate wildness - the part of you that takes & receives pleasure without restraint!
Plus, one of the most common things we hear from women is how much of a turn-on it is to see a man unabashedly embracing their woman's blood.
Note: We find that being able to embrace the “mess” without restraint is key to unlocking the inner Wild Woman & Man. Free Bleed™ blankets are perfect for this!
3. Increased Natural Lubrication
Increased lubrication equals LESS friction, and therefore MORE pleasure!
In addition, many women find that they are more sensitive to sensation during menstruation.
4. BONUS: Increased Emotional Intimacy
For many of us, our early experiences of our period were associated with shame, hiding, or simply trying to go on with our day “as usual” without attuning more deeply to our body.
Sharing ourselves intimately with another while bleeding creates the opportunity for emotionally corrective experiences, in which ALL of us can be embraced.
This supports increased trust & vulnerability - in and out of the bedroom!
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Written by founder Courtney Davis
Instagram @Free.Bleed