Blanket Uses:

  • Period sex
  • Free bleeding
  • Squirting
  • Self-pleasure
  • Uninhibited intimacy (no more wet spot to sleep on)
  • Birthing & post-partum
  • Protecting furniture from pets, food, children, etc.
  • Bed-wetting protection (great for kids & their sleepovers)
  • Picnic blankets (especially when the ground is wet)


What is free-bleeding?

Free-bleeding means allowing your blood to flow with nothing obstructing or catching it. This means - no tampon, no pad, no menstrual cup... But of course, unless you have the ability to be out in nature & in privacy, free-bleeding can be messy and difficult to practice in your own home. Nobody wants the stress of getting blood on expensive furniture!

Free Bleed™ Blankets have been created exactly for this purpose! So you can enjoy free-bleeding in the comfort of your own home.


What are the benefits of free-bleeding?

  • Healthy airflow to your genitals & cervix.
  • Enhanced connection to the experience of menstruation and the emotional/energetic gifts. 
  • Embracing radical self love & celebration of your body
  • Comfort and pleasure!

We have a full article on this topic here.


How do these blankets work?

The soft outer fabric on Free Bleed™ blankets absorbs any liquid, fluids, or oils, while the inner waterproof lining prevents anything from soaking through to the other side. You no longer have to sacrifice comfort for practicality.


How do I wash & care for my blanket? Will they stain?

All blankets can be washed & dried in your laundry machine. We recommend the delicate, hand-wash, or gentle cycle. Your regular eco stain-removing spray can also be used on the blankets prior to washing to remove tougher stains. Do not dry-clean your Free Bleed™ Blanket.

As with all blankets, frequent machine-washing can accelerate the "aging process."

We guarantee the waterproof quality of your blanket for one year after purchase!


Best practices for period sex?

Be sure to lay down a Free Bleed™ Blanket so you can embrace intimacy & the primality of lovemaking on your period without stress about making a mess!

Read this article for our complete guide on period sex - including best communication practices, after-care, and elements of ritual.


Reasons to enjoy sex on your period?

  • Deepening intimacy & vulnerability
  • Feeling celebrated in all your womanly glory
  • Embracing the cyclical nature of your body
  • Increased natural lubrication
  • Increased sensitivity & pleasure
  • Enhanced arousal via embracing taboo


More questions? Contact us and we'd be happy to help!