Yoni Massage Without the Orgasm

An orgasm-free yoni massage can be one of the most healing experiences for your body.

With sex, birth, and, menstruation encompassing the totality of its functions in modern day society, it’s no surprise that that the yoni often goes unnoticed outside these events.

Divorced from the natural reverence one ought to have for such an amazing body part, women all over the world report feelings of disassociation and even repulsion towards their yonis. Many women consider touching their yonis, beyond clitoral stimulation, unnecessary and even confronting.

But the truth is, there’s far more to your yoni than sex, blood and birth. In fact, a simple yoni massage can change the position of your cervix, heal your prolapse, and even shift your hormones. Additionally, it can be a catalyst for deeper healing that can boost your confidence, release trauma, increase pleasure, and have additional unseen impacts alike.

So, how do you massage your yoni without orgasm/pleasure as the main incentive?

  1. Set the ambiance. When working with the yoni, it is important to feel safe and relaxed. Consider ambient music. 
  2. Choose your environment. Are you going to practice on the floor or in a bed? Are you going to need pillows or a chair? Will the house be empty or the door locked? Do you need a towel or a waterproof blanket?
  3. Gather materials. For this massage you will want a natural oil. Organic cold-pressed castor oil is ideal, or else coconut oil.
  4. Choose your prep. Perhaps you want to start with a bath or shower. Or eat a meal first. Or choose a specific time in the day where you feel most receptive.
    Once you are set up for your yoni massage, begin with a heart/breast massage. This “warming up” of the heart center will naturally relax your body and help you connect deeper to your womb and yoni. Once you feel your body surrender with a rich breath, being working towards your pelvis, keeping in mind your sole intention of exploring and bringing new awareness to your body. The yoni is made up of so many fascinating parts, externally and internally. There are muscles, soft tissues, ligaments, and bones to explore that you may have never touched before.

    As you massage these parts, you may experience pain and tension, or pleasure and release. You may also experience emotions, memories, fears, and feelings. Continue your practice knowing all is normal. If you find yourself aroused, know that this too is normal, with a gentle reminder to yourself, that arousal is not the main focus.

    Here are some questions to explore during your practice:

    What does your yoni feel like?
    Do the external parts of your vulva move like hydrated tissue?
    Or do they feel more stuck?
    Do the soft tissues have any tears in them?
    What’s the level of sensation or is it numb?
    How does the opening of your yoni feel?
    What is the level of strength in your muscles?
    Can you feel any scar tissue or lumps?
    Are there tender or painful spots?
    What does it feel like to massage them?
    Can you find your g-spot?
    Can you find your cervix?
    Where is your cervix located?
    Can you imagine it’s position?
    How about it’s texture?
    Is it soft like your lips or hard like the tip of your nose?
    Can you feel around your cervix to the top of your yoni?

    Once you feel complete with your massage, be sure to care for yourself with love and tenderness. 

    So much can happen in our internal world when we activate our sex organs, especially in a new way. Give yourself the warm hug of a blanket, bath, meal, or journal sesh and breathe deeply into all you have shifted and discovered. Allow the mind body connection to remain long after your massage, seeing in your minds eye, all that you have explored.

    What might you explore in your next massage? How do you feel about your yoni now?

    Written by Megan Bloom
    Instagram @bloomingwombs