Sacred Amrita - The Well Waters of Our Womb

In many ancient stories, the womb of a woman is considered to be her well. It holds all of her wisdom, her gifts, her love - and she returns to it often to pray and to quench the thirst of her deepest desire and feminine longing.
There is an old Welsh tale that tells of the Well Maidens, who were guardian spirits of all the sacred water sites on the earth. Sometimes kings and warriors would stumble upon a Well Maiden, forlorn and famished from the battles and the long roads. The Well Maiden would dip her golden chalice into the well, and offer the men to drink. It is said that the holy waters would bring them renewed vitality, heal their battle wounds and bring tranquility and peace to their minds.
Our Amrita is the nectar of our being as women. It flows from our yonis when we are touched and tended to with love and devotion, and is one of the most potent allies on our path.
Our Amrita is said to have magical healing powers, as it flows forth from the purest place in a woman’s body - her womb. It carries the frequency of our erotic innocence and has the ability to wash, cleanse, baptize and rejuvenate anyone who receives it.
Once we understand how sacred the waters of our womb are, we can then invite ourselves to pay closer attention to who and what she flows towards. Once we attune to the direction she is asking us to flow, we can follow her guidance and trust where she is taking us.
Your Amrita will show you how your womb wants to be touched and adored, the positions that keep you soft and surrendered, and the lovers that she says yes to.
Sometimes we experience moments or things in life that make us wet - this is our soul communicating through our inner waters that “yes this makes you feel alive, keep moving towards this.
The wetter we are, the more turned on we are - and not just sexually, but in all facets of our lives. 
When our Amrita is flowing, she is showing us that we are in our radiance, we are in our true feminine frequency, we are home.
Just as our Amrita shows us what brings us alive, she also will show us where we are being drained and leaking our energy. When our waters start to flow, it is our womb’s way of saying yes - so when our waters dry up, it is our womb speaking a very clear no.
When we find ourselves in a “dry spell”, it can often mean that somewhere along the way we have traded our wild, beautiful feminine vitality for something that feels more comfortable.
This is our yoni saying to us “you have strayed from home, come back to the well to take a drink and remember.
So if the job, relationship, or situation isn’t getting your juices flowing, then it could be that your womb is telling you that this isn’t for you, or there are some corrections to be made.
Our wombs are wise, and if the river banks aren’t strong enough to hold her river, then she won’t flow. Our waters are also calling us to check the integrity of the containers in which we open our wombs. If she doesn’t feel safe enough to open, she will let you know.
If you are a woman who doesn’t ever feel turned on or wet, this is your womb calling you home.
When our pussy/womb dries up, she is telling us she is thirsty - and the only thing that will quench her thirst is our presence and loving attention. Water holds memory, so of course the well waters of our womb are what call us back to remember. To remember who we are as women and the power that we hold in our wombs.
This is why pleasure is so healing - because it is a holy act of returning to remembrance, to our beautiful bodies, to the adventure of exploring different sensations, and to meeting our erotic innocence and the rapture of life and love with an open heart.
When we are in our sweet radiance and the nectar is flowing, the bees start to come.
And these bees can be the beloved of your dreams, the sisters you prayed for, the opportunities and synchronicities that life brings in to lift you up even higher.
You become magnetic when the holy well waters of your womb are flowing in cadence with life.
Next time you are thirsty, tune in and see if it is water your body is calling for, or if it is a song singing in the well of your womb to come back to her, and taste the sweet nectar of your sacred Amrita.
She is calling you woman, return home and remember who you are.
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Written by Autumn Rose
Instagram @embodyjaguar