Partnered Sensual Rituals

Perhaps you’ve seen that sexy tantric Instagram couple and wished you could have that with your current partner.
Yet the thought of asking your partner to eye gaze for 20 minutes sounds out of reach for whatever reason. Maybe it’s vulnerable. Maybe your partner would “never go for it.” Maybe it just doesn’t make any sense to you.

Whatever the reason, the desire for deeper intimacy is a common theme in relationships, and for good reason - as intimacy is the sweet nectar of a relationship.
It can literally act as a glue that keeps your bond strong, despite relational challenges.

So how can you connect deeper with you partner?

Experiencing structured practices together is a wonderful tool to transition any relationship into more profound intimacy. Often times we need the support of a system before we learn how to flow spontaneously, especially in the vulnerability of recreating yourself in partnership.

Below are 3 simple sensual rituals that can assist you in your journey, without stretching you too far past your comfort zone.
As you ponder the rituals, allow the unique flavor of your relational chemistry to influence the way you approach the practice. Perhaps you create an entirely new idea that is catalyzed by something already existing in your current relationship. These rituals can be as short, long, formal, or informal as you desire. In fact, your partner doesn’t even have to know you’re doing them!
1. Synchronized Breathing
Come up behind your partner and simply breathe together. Consider it an extended hug, that can be done standing, sitting, or laying, yet with the goal finding your breath, both separate and together. Feel your body relax, and your mind empty as you grow your awareness of each other. 
Advanced practice: face your partner and put your hand on their heart/lungs.
2. Affirmation
During any shared moment, or in the space before or after physical intimacy, shower your partner with the things you love about them. While this practice in not limited to physical attributes or personality characteristics, it can be especially powerful to focus on one. 
Advanced practice: touch each part of your partner's body as you express you appreciation for it.
3. Massage
Perhaps one of the easiest practices to work with! Who would say no to this?
This practice is just as much about receiving as it is giving. The goal is to fully embody one role. If you are the receiver, let yourself fully receive without the obligatory thought of reciprocating in any way, even with your gratitude. Can you feel your worthiness?
If your are the giver, allow yourself to be immersed in unconditional love. Can you release resentment or expectation, and fill your mind with loving thoughts while you pamper your partner?

As you explore deeper intimacy, know that being vulnerable and meeting your edges is absolutely necessary for keeping the flame of love lit.
It is the feeling of separation in the transcendence from old to new, that contrastingly creates a feeling of closeness.

Written by Megan Bloom
Instagram @bloomingwombs