Ovulation: How to Savour & Celebrate Yourself

For many of us, during our periods we ought to be, or want to be, resting in bed with a tub of ice cream. Cramps, low energy, and a number of other (sometimes unpleasant) symptoms can force us to clear our schedule and hide out in the womb cave until further notice.

But what about ovulation?

Perhaps you’ve not given this part of your cycle much thought, as most women feel pretty vibrant during this time. However, we can in fact support our ovulation window in our cycle just as equally when we understand what’s happening in our body.

Internally, during the follicular phase up until ovulation, estrogen is rising to its peak to support fertilization. What that means for you? It means your body is preparing for a baby in the most primal evolutionary way. 

What you’ve heard is true. Flushed cheeks. Glowing skin. Higher pitched voice. Sweeter pheromones. Wetter pussy. Even your hips sway more! Your body is doing the mating dance, all while holding keen awareness, and even smell, to discern exactly what it wants.

This can manifest in a number of ways, including increased libido, increased energy, increased sociability, and increased confidence.

So how can you support yourself to receive the most out of this elevated time before you begin the descent towards your bleed?
While reading the tips below, feel the energy of spring & summer in your body. How do you prepare for the fruitful season of summer? 

And remember every body is different. So always follow your intuition and your specific needs.

    1. Plan! The bounty of summer comes from thoughtful planning and planting of the seeds themselves. Consider planning your creative endeavours, social gatherings, a date, and even challenging tasks for a time when you’ll have the most energy and the best attitude.

    2. Pamper. The body naturally begins to glow during this time, but instinctively, we also ornament our bodies to enhance our biological beauty. Let this be a time to celebrate your beauty and radiance. Put on your favorite fabrics. Wear jewelry. Let your hair down. You are irresistible.

    3. Nourish your inner + outer space. With all that rising energy, your body needs an ample amount of water and nutrients. Listen to your cravings, and don’t let those good vibes substitute a meal. And while you're at it, let your home resemble your inner temple. How can you create a warm, inviting shine in your environment?

    4. Get creative! While your body prepares to create life, you can assume that the energy of your womb is at an all time high. Though you might be feigning for a partner to satisfy your urges, channeling that energy into a project could be equally exciting and rewarding. Perhaps it’s a low key activity like painting, or maybe you create the landing page for your next offering. Either way, let the nectar flow.

    5. Speaking of nectar, now is an ideal time for self-pleasure! The vaginal walls become engorged with enhanced circulation, natural lubrication flows in abundance, and the cervix positions itself lower. This paired with the mixture of hormones will likely heighten your sensations and make for an easier orgasm. If you’ve been wanting to explore the holy cervix, even just for learning purposes, this is the perfect time.

    6. Call a friend. Do you ever feel like you just have so much to hold? The womb absorbs a lot of energy throughout the month, making holding space close to your bleed, a heavy job. But with the energy of ascent, this is a wonderful time to be of support to a friend, partner, or family member, or even to collaborate ideas. Perhaps you connect with your partner in a way you’ve been nervous about.

    7. Follow your intuition. Your body is capable of sniffing out the perfect mate now. What else can your body detect or discern? If you feel a creative surge, an idea, a sacred no, or an intuitive thought, give it some validation and see where it leads you.
The menstrual cycle is a complex work of art. Not every woman is regular and not every woman is the same. The best tip, is to listen to your body. Don’t bypass her needs just because she’s not nagging you with pain. Attune to the beauty, and nourish the blooming rose with your admiration.

Written by Megan Bloom
Instagram @bloomingwombs