Menstrual Blood Rituals

In your busy life, it may be hard to slow down and enjoy your bleed. Perhaps even if you have the time to do less, you aren’t exactly sure how to move beyond the physical act of bleeding and feel the spiritual effects, so commonly spoken of by women today.

This may be a reflection of resistance you have to your female body learned culturally OR it may just be that you’ve never been taught what it looks like to honor your bleed!

Many things we hold in reverence today, such as holidays, we have learned to celebrate through the act of ritual. The candles on a birthday cake, the decorating of a holiday tree, the pop of a wedding champagne cork, etc. But what does it look like to celebrate a period?

Ritual, while usually held in the context of ceremony, is simply the act of repetition of a certain action.
Naturally, you’ve probably acquired many rituals that help you honor your health and wellness. The religion of a morning coffee. The timing and form of your dental care. The preparation for sleep each night.

While your bleed doesn’t necessarily have to be a ceremonial celebration such as a birthday (though it can be), using ritual can introduce the reverence and connection you’ve been longing for.

Here are some rituals to explore on your bleed:

1. Preparation. Clear your schedule for rest. Stock up on chocolate and supplies, such as menstrual care. Meal prep for the week. Deep clean your home.
2. Journalling. The womb empties both the lining of the uterus and the collected emotions/experiences of the month. Use writing to observe the thoughts and feelings moving through you during this time. Do you notice a theme? Resistance? A certain pattern you can feel each month? What wants to be expressed both before/during your bleed? This awareness will increase the quality of support you are able to offer yourself.
3. Connect with your blood. Did you know menstrual blood is said to be rich in stem cells?Collect your blood and give yourself a face mask for rejuvenated skin. Paint with it and enjoy the colors. Offer it to your plants and connect to the earth. Get to know your blood and understand it’s value.
4. Unplug. During the first day or two you may experience the strongest symptoms, both physically and energetically. Try staying off social media, disengaging in conversations, and pausing on projects. See what kind of activity or dialogue appears from within when you prioritize quiet stillness.
5. Call your sisters. Women used to gather in red tents during their synchronized bleeding. You may feel quiet in the world simply because of a lack of relatability, but find yourself incredibly comforted by the company of other women. Watch a romantic movie, eat your favorite foods, process verbally, give each other massages, hop in the sauna, or pull tarot cards together. The red tent is a collaboration.
6. Self care. Your period intimately reflects the postpartum period. In this way, as the body experiences tiredness, release, and even pain, there is a bigger need for care and nourishment. A bath, facial, pedicure, good meal, or a nap. How can you replenish your nutrients and overall well-being?
7. Create Art. The 2nd chakra is activated during your bleed, and rules your creativity. With the surge of hormones, emotional boundaries, and even the increased space to feel/think, bleeding is a great time to express. Draw, dance, sing, drum, paint, carve, write, etc. - the world is your canvas!
8. Self-Pleasure. Increased blood flow = increased sensation! Bleeding inherently brings a deeper sense of awareness to your womb/vagina, making this an optimal time to connect with her. You may enjoy placing your hands on your womb and breathing, exploring your yoni with fingers or wands, or even having great sex. Consider a Free Bleed™ blanket to make the process more comfortable.

Rituals are created with intention. If you feel like creating your own unique ritual, start by pondering your intention. The best rituals often take time and repetition to feel special.

Written by Megan Bloom
Instagram @bloomingwombs