Decoding PMS & Menstrual Symptoms

Have you ever noticed the way your period reflects the happenings of your month?

I didn’t. Not until I started studying my womanhood.

It started with the simple intention of being able to know when my blood was coming. Sure, I could guess the week, but I was still subjecting myself to the big red surprise!

Then as I began to tune into my uterus, I began to experience an overall feeling of connectedness, and deeper connection to the Earth.

The answers to many of my spiritual questions were found in the observation of one simple concept. 


While honoring the part of me that was different - the part of me that was feminine, I started to notice reflections of the feminine in all of the world.

The Earth in her cycles. The way she grows fertile in the time between spring and summer, and barren in the time between fall and winter. 

The moon in her cycles. Waxing into her full radiant glory, and waning into her darkness.

Soon, I began attuning to my own cycles, beyond the physical ebbs and flows of ovulation and bleeding, and the discomforts of my body, and into the qualities and textures of each “season” and the nuanced happenings in between.

It was here I learned, before reading any ancient text that echoes these truths, that the womb collects energy throughout the month, and releases it during menstruation.

Yes, like a cauldron, the womb acts as a spiritual accumulation ground. I’m talking; people, emotions, experiences, and even travel, seemingly accumulate between the hips of a woman throughout her entire cycle. 

Meaning that her release, AKA blood, varies specifically depending on the experience of her cycle.

This first made itself clear to me when I noticed that highly emotional months, or months when I went through something BIG, my period knocked me on my ass!

I would be forced by the intensity of my bleed to rest and digest all that desired to be released. TOTAL renewal.

Contrary to this, I observed that the months where I took ample space to be with my heart and spirit throughout the month, without letting things build up, led to a “lighter” bleed both physically and emotionally. A physical reflection of “doing the work.”

Flowing, in respect to my womb, has never been more enticing - until recently at least…

The last three times I “breezed through” my bleed, yet found myself in emotional turbulence shortly after. 

Confused, I turned toward intuition and asked the wisdom of my body for insight...

Here, I discovered that the expressions of the womb can be observed in ALL of the seasons, beyond the amplified phases of ovulation and menstruation.

If you’ve ever noticed the crisp crunch of the leaves and harsh bite of the winter air that follows spring and sometimes lingers, even as the sun shines so brightly, then you can appreciate the lengthier integration sometimes required after a big bleed. 

Yes - sometimes even the smoothest transformations can require us to totally renew every aspect of ourself in order to fully align to the new version of ourselves being birthed. This takes time, and a slow surrender to the nonlinear timing of our process. 

Likewise, if you’ve ever had a hard time accepting the end of a perfectly warm summer, than you can relate to the symptoms of PMS that appear when we are just not quite ready to face our inner metamorphosis.

Despite our biased inclination towards productivity and ease, each month as women we are asked by our bodies to slow the mind and look within for the great release of all things no longer serving. 

Your resistance becomes your medicine. Your willingness to discern the subtle happens when your heart is open to receive the messages.

So, just in case you think you’ve mastered your period, I’m here to humbly remind you that nothing about the feminine is predictable.

She is the mystery, the chaos, and the formless beauty, that asks us not to know, but to listen. She is ever-changing, ever-evolving, and ever-so-fiercely calling you into, not the destination, but the journey.

They don’t call it blood mysteries for nothing!


Written by Megan Bloom
Instagram @bloomingwombs